'I Love You Hanny Fuji': This recording features Babygrand on zither, prepared piano, cello and music box. It is possible that the lady whose name appears in the title of this tune may reside in or around the town of 16 Mile, on the railway between Asmara and Nefasit. The version presented here uses an extended and alternative mix to those appearing elsewhere.

Lay You Down O My Brother: This tune draws in part on a traditional spiritual, fragments of which were first encountered in recordings by The Grateful Dead (Warner Bros Records K66002) and, later, The Incredible String Band (Elektra EUK 258). Further elements are ghosted from Abbess Hildegard of Bingen's sequence or hymn 'Columba Aspexit' (Hyperion CDA66039). The version presented here was recorded using the Dobro DW-45.

The Autumn Leaves of Red and Gold (Source: Mercer): Here thanks to Chris Playford, some six or seven years on. The version presented here largely comprises of solo guitar.

Thanks to:
Janet Raynor for the cover image;
Xavier Watkins for loan of the e-bow

Additional thanks:
Keith Wallace

On the births of
Hannah Lily Vera Joynes
Sophia Rose Margaret Joynes

Recorded, edited and produced by
the Leith Hill Recordings Mobile Unit
Histon ~ Norwich

September 2008 - June 2009