This Bristol-based project was founded in 2008 by Tim Newman after years of experience playing in bands and writing for television and other musical avenues. As hinted by the title, the EP combines both eastern and western instrumentation and tonalities, a concept also contained in the cover photograph. "I recorded these tracks tracks by playing a knot of lead parts over a repeating rhythm. The structure owes more to the stripping away of parts than the creating of them, like a sculptor creating by chipping away at material instead of adding to it. Holes in space are the gaps that allow the music to make sense" says Newman. This 3inch hand-stamped EP/mini-album is housed in a handmade sleeve.

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The Dovetail Consort
"East & West" EP

  1. Devotional
  2. Three Weeks
  3. 1919
  4. Elastic Folk
  5. Holes In Space
  6. Mainsail