Phantom Dog Beneath the Moon

Words from "the trees, the sea in a lunar stream".

1. as perceived by mice

fallen dog, you're a rogue... in a muddy town, a mile away, a sorcerer is born
in a cradling malaise.... there is nothing for this storm, ruined in mire of
your flaking tones,this hate will burst.. breath and trail, trail as angels
for this stage.... clandestine shells pervade this road

urchin lamps have broken since then the older of night towns
the shanty croon could take you through this coral root island

hurt your paws, you bleed on foot.... a gloomy choir teases your waking mind

a leafless orchid reminds these old stars to awaken for found souls
find afar freezing angels, they are on your side side

2. poems

except for the poems that started the dolls in your mind, come erase the fog from your eyes
there is the appearance of the sea, for every which way there is doubt in the dark
on your way, on your way to ships, there is nothing else you can see from here
on a way, on a way, the waters edge, there is altered needs for your life...

go very far as lovers, a vested crown, come face the naive
over the knoll, over this creasing, there is a stirring to leave

and the skies look on the mend, this fate is all you can seek again,
there is a cloud on my wisest sense, there is one low in this blue suspense
hey, i'm merry not in a lucre's sphere, the humming bird's vibrating wings

oh,oh, mirror (has) caught you glum,
cover this waste, over this date, don't let my heart sober yours
over this tear, over the rage, anger, anger, anger is gone

3. stealing owls

come and clear these ives, who has gone and raid through curfew?
steered in through the ice with birds a pecking wisely

don't you ghost, don't you ghost

i thought you'd never leave, don't you never leave
stare into the owls, forget the knives

don't you ghost, don't you ghost, don't you ghost, don't you ghost

you willn't lead the way, come not let them starve
steered into the warf, a broken village awning

don't you ghost, don't you ghost, don't you ghost, don't you ghost

4. hide and seek

feathers are dowsed down a hall i can seek
girl you're way loud, come arrange my faults

you suffered a site by the stairwell alone
have the day devise a little voice again

curtains to faint lines to recede

geese adorn this wall, your focus is out of that door
to covered cracks on a shade, home again, home again

account all your cakes beside us diseased
covet that task to enliven your arms

this hall's an age, cornered frights are spots,
cornered like i ought to be

scared for there's slumber in this walk
i'm nearly lost where there's a life that i'm a cod
hey I, hey I, hey I've found you're lost.... lost

5. ellipse of a forest walk

peer with us drooling through trees
through space out frizzle it seems, they're writhing on the floor
come erase all of our woes, come erase all of our woes
through ornate embolding hoax
the shadening glint ignores time to sway in a burst of cheap wine
and caper unlike form

come on, relax, it's the dangerest adventure you've had
you'll wallow on the floor, it's impatient not gracious no more

you'd swim in pools of ice to admonish those mellowing crimes
and dose against remorse
i'm sorry that i didn't know, it's not what you needed at all
you're not a child to fright

come on, perhaps it's the bravest adventure you've had
you're writing on the walls like craziness suits your dilligent cause

6. a shimmering clown

go where the rain clouds parade over the mortal drift
home is a light you seek until you forget to sleep
please from the shade emerge, so bright and so pleased to be.
freeze from a coastal sweat, so needed of sea breeze again

heavy, heavy, all awake, heavy, all awake

go where the mad march ends where hares chew and pebbles glow
there were the river stank, do not lull in falsehood claims
lumber and gawp duress, fawn luminous breath

heavy, heavy, all awake, heavy, all awake

go very far to alter in haste
go very fast all through this chase
the beach finds you drunk the noon that you lashed
to vomit in crowds and spiral as in ship decks

7. two hours after dusk

have a vague hope nestled on a island
buried in sand, coming up for air now
harmony gulls, whistled in the sky sounds
cradling mischief, besot by a dread cove.
hail back that You and I know Love,
don't be a rage, there is no time left.
there is no voice given to those aches.

give us hope not lethargy
tell us lies til we are fearless
tell us stories dreamt in a storm
let us know that this ain't all

for you've embarked on turgid seas where lightning breaks through stars unseen
the myriad of wonder can enchant the air, a stone house of shelter from a mind
come out child into this field to stare at animals or just anything,
unfreeze your mind and learn your soul, then you write me a note.

8. halloween

several lights are live and wired again, cars and smiles and fallen afterwards
this side, this side designed I walk alone .... this time, this time a known remote,
december eyes arise with tears again
the simple lies I told are back to work,
forget, forget that there is cruelty here.... to let, to let, to sing your all

do what you want, do what you want

find your fire and stare into the nigh... remember halloween when you were five.
to stay this day when all is wrong, to stay this day when all is wrought.

do what you want, do what you want, do what and do what, do what you want.

and say forth, the pills ill refining,
the sea waste gullied and in shampoo,
no person takes love in advice, no person takes love in advice

do what you want, do what you want, do what and do what, do what you want,
do what, do what and do what you want.