Phosphene "Phoenix Trees"

Latest from Phosphene a.k.a John Cavanagh, author of a book about Pink Floyd's first album, ex-Electroscope member, broadcaster extraordinaire and, of course, Melody Bar reviewer. This is very lovely indeed: as always John builds a quite unique sound while wearing his influences on his sleeve: Radiophonic Workshop, Brian Eno, early Pink Floyd (with all those wonderful piercing organ lines on the Farfisa Compact Duo, Oliver Postgate programmes (Bagpuss etc). George Burt of Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra plays guitar on one track. An enthralling piece of womblike psychedelia and starry-eyed radiophonics.
Boa Melody Bar

Phosphene is better known as analogue synth expert John Cavanagh, he has been a longtime music broadcaster and re-issuer of rare Delia Derbyshire recordings. This five track mini album is a fine collection of BBC Radiophonic style synth sounds coupled with odd bits of acoustic guitar picking, spoken word and violin, mellow droning sound effects meets swirling oscillators and weird found sounds. Comes in a lovely hand made card sleeve and is pressed on limited edition 3 inch cd from the Irish based Rusted Rail label.
Road Records

I am pretty sure I already told you how much I dig the 3" format. It's a format that somehow forces all involved, both the musicians and the people responsible for packaging, to be focused and distill their ideas to their purest form. Phosphene AKA John Cavanaugh does this very well on Phoenix Trees (Rusted Rail), a five-track recording ranging from frail tone puzzles and ghostly ambiguity to TV show themes and spoken dreamstates. There is some sublimely dreamy transportational stuff going on here and it comes highly recommended for anyone reading this.
The Broken Face